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We research in every nook and corner of the internet to pull out right information for your requirement. Our services are quick, accurate, confidential and competitively priced.

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“Right information extracted for you from the biggest data reserves”

Web research

When you give a search query on the internet you get hundreds of pages of results. You may feel happy that you have access to that many pages of information, but how would you get to the most required and accurate information with regard to your query? On an ordinary day what would you do? Going each page by page can be frustrating beyond some point and you will end up giving it up. Marvel is a specialist team of experts in web research services. We have specialized approaches and experienced colleagues for filtering the most accurate data from a large pool of information with fastest turnaround time. Businesses and professionals can delegate Marvel’s efficient research team for the sophisticated and time-consuming data research work and concentrate on other important tasks which require your individual attention.

We undertake web research projects from a wide variety of domains. Some of the kinds of projects we have accomplished so far are

  • arrowTargeted Email Research
  • arrowAddress Research
  • arrowProduct/Service Research
  • arrowCompetitor Research
  • arrowBusiness Research
  • arrowTrend Research
  • arrowAdvertising Research
  • arrowAnnual Reports Research
  • arrowSurveys and Feedbacks
  • arrowDatabase Design Research
  • arrowLeads Research
  • arrowDocument Research
  • arrowProfessional Services
  • arrowEvents Research

Why Marvel is the best pick for your web research job?

Sea of information is available on the internet useful for any type of business organization and professional. But sorting the right information for your good use is quite a herculean task if you are not familiar with web scraping techniques. Marvel uses specialized search tools, macros etc. to find the right and the useful information from a big reserves of data.

Here are some reasons why our clients chose us to be their partner for web research jobs and most of our clients are referred by our existing clients:

  • Advanced methodologies for screen scraping, information analysis, and reporting
  • Most competitive pricing plans
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Enough facilities to handle projects of all sizes
  • Hundreds of satisfied and returning clients from different time Zones

We have helped hundreds of businesses, in India and abroad, in collecting and sorting the vital information required for their business decision making. If you are in search of a proven web research firm, talk to us to find out how we can contribute to your business growth.

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