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Marvel put together scientific strategies with several years of experience to reach bias free findings. We can help you accurate strategic decision making helpful for your business growth.


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You have business investment plans, but how can you make sure your proposed business plans are worth to proceed? You are successfully running a business for quite some time, but currently facing a fall in the turnover, need to know the reasons? Market research studies can solely help you in these circumstances.

Conducting market research is the essential pre-requisite for any business firms before investing or launching a product in a market. A comprehensive market study about the potential demand for a particular product or service, buying habits of the potential customers, size and volume of the market etc. all will help the management in forming decisions regarding product development, marketing strategies and many others. Markets research are also conducted at different stages during the course of a business with a variety of intentions, such as; understanding the customer satisfaction, competition analysis, brand loyalty, feedback from the customers etc.

A well-conducted market study stands as a warranty for the success of a product or brand in the targeted market. The bottom line is; the success or failure of a brand is directly linked with the quality and the authority of the market research carried out on its demand and other market conditions.

At Marvel, we undertook and successfully accomplished a wide array of market research projects for clients worldwide. Your research objective could be anything from new product development to market share analysis for your existing products, we have sophisticated and proven methodologies for accurate data collection, analysis and interpretation. Our teammates are qualified and experienced professionals; they have successfully directed our clients, from different departments of the industry, in taking vital business decisions.

We carry out both qualitative and quantitative market research studies as your requirement and the nature of the research could fall into any, but not limited to below categories:

  • New product development
  • Customer/Supplier/Employee satisfaction survey
  • Market entry and positioning strategy
  • Brand loyalty study
  • Mystery shopper
  • Competition and market share analysis
  • Census study
  • Customer behavioral patterns study
  • SWOT analysis and feasibility study

Marvel use distinctive and advanced techniques and tools for market research purposes. Each project is different from one another and we employ a systematic approach for the whole process.

Defining the Problem > Data Collection > Data Analysis & Interpretation > Report Generation > Insights & Recommendations

Market research and analysis is a continuous job which should be conducted periodically for the sustainable business growth. If you are in search of a resourceful market research firm for your business, you can leverage the services of Marvel who encompass both experience and technology to consistently deliver the most accurate results for any given problem. Let us know your requirement and we can help you in finding the right solution for it.

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