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Our custom CMS help you manage your website contents like a pro. It’s easy to use interface helps your website to look fresh all the time.

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“Manage your content, amuse your visitors!”

Content Management System

How good are the contents of your web portal? Is if fresh, engaging and updated routinely? The quality of the contents of a website is the first and foremost thing which attracts and makes the visitors browse through. But, a basic HTML website is static in nature and your ability to modify the content is limited unless you are a programmer. This where you need a Content Management Solution (CMS), to manage the contents in your website.

Marvel is a connoisseur in the field of custom CMS development. Our custom solutions make creating and managing contents for your websites a cake walk thing, even to those who don’t understand the complex programming codes. You will be able to add, delete or modify pages, texts, graphics and images by yourselves without any assistance from the developer. Hence, you will have more control over your web portal and able to strategies the growth on your terms.

We custom develop CM systems based on your requirement, the nature of business and budget. Our team of developers has extensive years of experience and up-to-date knowledge in CMS development. They will create a feature-rich, fast, dynamic CMS with a handy interface for you to manage the contents in your website with ease.

What can you do with a custom Marvel CMS?

We create user-friendly and good looking panels which will make your life easy while managing the texts and pictures in your web pages. You can send your programmer home once and for all. Some distinctive features of our CMS are:

  • arrow Create and delete as many pages as you want
  • arrow Modify pages by applying different styles and themes
  • arrow Add, delete, edit pictures and galleries
  • arrow Manage your SEO activities- Insert or edit meta tags and descriptions, integrate Google Analytics, Webmaster and other tools
  • arrow Upload a wide variety of file formats
  • arrow Assign different user levels for your employees based on their roles

An advanced CMS helps the administrator to maintain and keep the contents updated which will help them in getting higher ranks in Search engines. Security features and user-level controls offer better confidentiality for your data in your website. Marvel will help you in developing and installing affordable CMS for your website and make your website more protected and boost your customer traffic. Contact us to know more about the advantages of working with Marvel and developing a CMS custom-made based on your nature of the business.

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