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Conversion Rate Optimization Essential ingredient for the e-commerce business

Conversion rate optimization is the part of internet marketing strategy which works well in converting the visitors into the customers. To be more precise, the motto lies in converting the passive visitors into the active customers. This optimization process is not about getting  the huge number of users regardless of the quality or the effectiveness. It is about targeting the specific group of interested visitors. Gathering the number of insights is essential for the online stores, in order to tempt the folks to make the specific action on the site like selling, purchasing, downloading ,etc…  by doing such actions, the visitors are turned into the customers of that company. Mathematically the conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visitors to the site to the number of conversions. CRO is done to improve the conversion rates.  For the e-commerce business, the conversion rate helps to find the unique visitors to make the action on the business site.

Conversion Rate Optimization Best practices:

1.Consider the customer flexibility in reaching the company not the business flexibility, while providing the conversion column, enable only the most required field which the folks can enter the information in a split second with no reference, number of required field will create stress among the folks, and they may lose the intention to make the conversion with the business. So always have very minimum required fields.

2: People roam through different pages similar to roaming in the shop to find the best items to suit their requirement. Folks hate the obstacle while going through their ways, thus, navigation is the main thing to concentrate. The navigation should be as easy and as simple as possible.

3: In the recent design strategy folks, might have come across the word “responsive” (i.e) website design to fit all the gadgets. Same thing is important and it also the part of conversion rate optimization. Mobile –friendly website will drive more traffic to the than expected.

4.Call to action column plays crucial role in conversation rate optimization technique. Business people assume keeping call to action button in maximum number of spots will build number of conversion, but they reversely work. Keep CTA button to minimum limit at more accessible place. Try to use the contrast color for the CTA buttons.

5.Highlight the noteworthy words that function admirably among the users like “free”, “special discounts”, “buy 1 and get 2”, and so forth. These words will drag the people attention to the site.

6.More intense description about the product is the marketing agent in the e-commerce sites. The complete specifications should make the visitor engage in the site. This is also quality predictive parameter of the company. So make the elaborate description in the understandable format.

7.Add a high definition picture and videos about the product. Prefer to embed the picture of the products in all the views. In case of videos, portray the working procedure of the product in the video. This creates trust among the visitors.

8.Adding the notification in the call to action about the recent and limited offers will drive many visitors and the chance of converting them to customers is more if the offer, deserve the value.

9.Conversion rate optimization picks up the quality through the A/B testing, which is the random testing done keeping original as the control and number of variations as variant 1, 2, etc… this testing is done looking at the CTR rate, number of insights, signups, etc…

Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimization:

  1. The prior beneficial behavior of the site is the customer mindfulness. The CRO increases the brand awareness among the folks.
  2. Hike in the results is made live within short duration. The conversion rate optimization increases the number of visitors to the site and thus, the accumulation of customer also increases.
  3. CRO helps the company to make the clear and accurate decisions about the business. Thus, they hold the word “assure” rather than “assume”. This concept benefits the e-commerce website more.
  4. Awareness is not just made among public, the search engine also will get notified about the site and the indexing will be faster. Thus, CRO aids indirectly in effective SEO strategies.
  5. Return on investment is assured with more profit. As the conversion rate increases, the action in the site also goes to the improvised level which in turn increases the revenue.
  6. The CRO indirectly benefits in many ways like increasing the number of shares and makes the site popular among the social media, this helps to increase the ranking criteria in the search engines.
  7. Doing Conversion rate optimization will make the company more focused in finding right kind of customers to the site.

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