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Importance Of AB Testing For The Website

Testing is the methodology done to examine and execute the right options on the web design structure which helps in the promotional process and enhancement of the websites appearance. This testing is also called as the split testing which employs two or more number of samples to run simultaneously and collect the effect it make on the users. Through this type of testing more valuable insights to the company is acquired, as the customer’s inclination is very well analyzed. In most cases, two versions of the samples are employed to fetch the data regarding the web page performance. Let the two variations are notified by equal number of visitors, then calculate the performance based on the revenue they fetch and conversation rate. This A/B testing is also helps in the conversion rate optimization process, which increases the revenue of the business. Almost all the part of the web page undergoes A/B testing and there are several important elements where this testing process is directed which makes the website favors SEO and CRO process.

Web Page Elements For A/B Testing:

Headings and sub heading: Headlines are the prior thing visitors look for and this acts as the main element in welcoming the visitors to the page. The headlines take the folks to the further passages and the sections. Sub heading should be given equal priority, as the elements in the contents are perceived through them. The headings can be tested by changing the font, characters, highlighting the offers and features, change of sentence length either short or long, etc… Call to action words can also be used as the headings under certain conditions. Conduct the brainstorming with the experts before posting the headlines for the pages.

Conversion forms: This is the form which helps the folks makes the contact to the company. This form acts the medium to covert the visitors to customers. The conversion form should be designed considering the comfort of the user as well as the company. The required information about the contact person should be gathered through the form and at the same time customer should feel flexible in entering the required information. Thus two versions composed of different dialog boxes with data like name, email id, password, messages, spam verification, etc…are designed and tested for the performance.

Navigation Menus: Though the Menus are placed at the right position, the words used in the menus and style employed are the things considered during the A/B testing. Different type of words , for eg:  the service page name can be changed as “works we offer”, “work of us”, “how we work”, etc… Interrogative words are most preferred and the performance is calculated with some simultaneous samples.

Call to action buttons: Call to action buttons are the gateway to bring more visitors to the conversion page. So it is necessary to make more concentration on the call to action buttons. There are some minor changes which creates major impact on the audience. CTA buttons bare only very small changes like button color, font used, style and shape of the button, etc… placement of buttons on the right place is also important. Consider few cases and check for the beneficial designs.

Website layouts: The layouts of the website are the guideline of the effective web design strategy. The layout should undergo testing by placing the content, images, CTA buttons, conversion form and so forth at different positions of the website. Test with number of variations and choose the right design.

Images and videos: Images are the attractive factors, use them in most relevant part of the website. Many designs are implemented with the images and there are even many innovations like Gif, infographics, etc has been ingrained in the website. Consider right placement of the images and videos without affecting the texts and try out with different placement options. As the images are fetched by the search engine, they should also favor image optimization techniques to boost SEO process.

Benefits of A/B testing for the website:

  • Focused information about the customer preference is obtained through several testing procedures. Thus A/B testing helps to focus the right customer.
  • This aids in conversion rate optimization strategies and thus conversion rate to the company increases.
  • A/B testing helps to choose the profitable method, thus increases the sales of the company without investing more on promotional advertisements.
  • This helps the company to find out which part of the website drives more traffic to the company.
  • This testing also helps in the SEO process which makes the transparency over the source of page improvement.

Thus, A/B testing plays very big role in the business development and it is wise to conduct this procedure with many variations in the website designs.

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