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Why Encryption is Vital Part of the SEO Strategy?

The secure connection is important in all point of aspects and it seems by using the secure connection could be an advantage of webmaster in different perspectives such as from the point of SEO and to user trust signal it conveys. https is a secure connection of the familiar http as it denotes the site is secured using encryptions and also helps to protect transaction on a site. Google has recently announced that it will be prioritizing encrypted website in search results. https is useful for sites that collect and transmit personal information for example banking; e-commerce websites for your business and even social networks need to have https in place to make sure consumers sensitive information is protected.

Encrypted Website For SEO

Google evaluates for search engine relevance, an encrypted website is a consideration, and however the investment in an encrypted website shouldn’t be based only upon obtaining SEO. Also upon security needs of the business and visitors first, the encrypted sites provides various added advantage in SEO process and provides trustworthy among all folks who are purchasing through online. The quality websites with encryption achieve long-term, sustainable results in the business world.

Rank Better And Ranking Booster Of Https Sites On Google

Google has explicitly stated the encryption improves ranking. While it is not a top factor influencing search, Google has noted that it could gain more influence as webmaster have time to integrate encryption across their websites. The high –complexity algorithm of search engines includes hundreds of ranking signals, therefore you cannot distillate one factor in total. In that https is also one of the reasons to increase visibility of website and creates a trustworthy website among the users.

Security And Privacy

Https can help everyone’s website. Many folks argue that https only provides an advantage if your site uses sensitive passwords that is not exactly true. Even boring content website can benefit from https encryption. It ads security in several ways. It verifies the website one on the server is supposed to be talking to. Stops tampering by third parties and also stops the man in the middle attacks and makes the site more safe and secure for the visitors. It encrypts all the communications including the URL’s protecting the browser history as well as more sensitive information’s like credit card information.

Amplify The Customer Trust 

An encrypted website has a lock icon on the address bar. This simple icon prove to the customers that your website very safe and augment the trust. Some of the survey tells about 61% of the customers have not purchased online because the website does not have a trusted seal. Once your customers have trust and safe it provides the way for repetition of customers to your website and also brings new customers too.

Implementing HTTPS

It’s crucial to know that before a switching to HTTPS. There are some technical steps which need to be followed, involving time, expertise, money. You can also lose your existing rankings if the implementation is done hastily.

Guidelines For Moving To Https

  1. Decide the kind of certificate you need whether it is a single, multi-domain, or wildcard certificate.
  2. Use 2048- bit key certificates.
  3. Use relative URLs for resources that reside on the same secure domain.
  4. Use protocols – relatives URLs for all other domains.
  5. Don’t block your HTTPS sites from crawling using robot.txt.
  6. Allow indexing of your pages by search engines wherever it may possible. Avoid no index robots metatag.

SEO Checklist To Preserve Your Rankings

  1. Make sure that every element of your websites uses https, including all widgets, CSS, Images and content.
  2. Use 301 redirects to point all HTTP URLS to HTTPS.
  3. Register the HTTPS version in both Google and Bing Webmaster tools.
  4. Update your robot.txt file. Add your new sitemap to the file. Make sure your robot.txt doesn’t block any important pages.
  5. Make sure all the canonical tags points to the HTTP versions of the URL.

Privacy is the growing concern on the internet. Encrypting your websites will protect your conversation data and provides various benefits in SEO process. It also secure data, and ensure from various attacks as well amplify trustworthy among the customers for your business.

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