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Typography Enhances Aesthetic Value of Content

Content marketing is one of the digital marketing strategies, which easily drag the attention of the visitors to the site if the content is worth reading. To enhance the quality of the content, the writers strive hard to meet the basic specifications like fresh and untold stuffs, trendy collections about the topic, placement of keywords and anchor text in right place, etc… But they fail to understand that all the above mentioned qualities are required only when the person attempt to read the content. There is most important factor which is required for the content marketer to drag the attention of the folks to read the contents. This can be done only by the alignments and attractive design provided to the contents. One such attractive factor to the content is the “typography”. The beneath paragraphs showcases some of the typographic elements and their importance:

            Typography implies the design procedures based on the letters. The alignment of each and every word of the contents should be precise and liable that it should be easily accessible and understandable to the folks.  To be more specific, this typography increases the aesthetic value of the contents which also acts as core point in making folks to overlook at the contents. The font size chosen for the contents seldom convey the kind of stuffs ingrained like comic, technical, historical, general, etc and so forth.

Typographical elements in contents:

The below are the list of elements which are combined together to form a word “typography”.

  • Typefaces: This is simply predicted as the text style. Deciding of such typefaces is an art. These are number of typefaces available like Arial, Calibri, times new roman, etc… and they cannot be placed at all the places, there are certain typefaces which become very hard to read and even to understand. For the effective content marketing, it is always recommended to keep the right keywords at right places. The font of the page title is concentrated the most to excavate the stuffs ingrained in the content.
  • Text spaces: Spaces are very mandate in the contents as they act as terminal point in some situations. The spaces also provide flexibility to the readers in getting the ingrained concepts more precisely. While providing the text space, it is mandate to check for the reading flow.
  • Highlighting: In content marketing strategy anchor texts plays a major role. The texts which are hyperlinked are called as anchor texts. They may be the keyword or the word pointing to the concept of the other contents. In such cases, they should be highlighted with different fonts and style which makes the accessibility more ease.
  • Alignment: Alignment should be uniform throughout the contents, this perfection drags more number of folks. Universally there are three alignment followed for most of the contents. There are some irregularities comes with some alignment when pointing aligning hyperlink with justification. So look upon it and decide accordingly. there is other type of alignment need to be considered is the marginal alignment. As the name implies, margin means the edge and the border should be aligned with uniformity.

Importance of typography for content marketing:

  • Typography makes the readers stay in the content for long duration. No readers will get the interest in reading the blog or article beyond certain limit however the article is contained with more informative stuffs. But highlighting the core points with different fonts, text spaces and alignment will be beneficiary for both the readers and the content marketers.
  • Folks opt reading the points instead the paragraphs, providing bulleted points will provide comfort for the readers and the document is even shared if the content deserves sharing.
  • The typographic elements helps in effortless content marketing process, as once they are fed into the contents enhances its quality and draws more visitors once they are shared.

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