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Artificial intelligence (AI) in Google ranking and its role in SEO process

SEO is one of the digital marketing process which focus on the search results in the organic part. Search engine optimization is the continuous process and the phenomenon should be done considering the periodical algorithm update to make the result stagnant in the fixed top position for long duration. The Google algorithm has evolved more from the mathematical vector calculations to the machine learning process.

Artificial intelligence is the new trend, incorporated in the algorithm which is been a knock to the SEO personalities to come up with the stationary results. This gives highly challenging environment for optimization. To make the SEO process successful, it is absolutely necessary to know few facts regarding Artificial intelligence, which is the factor involved in displaying the result for the queries in the search pages.

What Is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

This is the trending technique utilized to boost the performance of the hardware or the software. The artificial intelligence is process of inhibiting the machine or the software to learn the new technique through the results, facts on subsequent work experiments and not through the external programming. Through the artificial intelligence technique, Google can manage numerous amounts of search queries. The AI used in machine learning process of SEO is called the “rank brain”.

Rank Brain:

Google is one of the search engine giants. The “rank brain” is the kind of artificial intelligence developed by Google. The rank brain has the ability to showcase the results for the relevant queries folks searching for. If the search query is found to be irrelevant or non-familiar they extract the results considering the word or the overall meaning of the phrase.

How Artificial Intelligence Plays A Role In Ranking Process?

#1: Google consider words and phrases to show the relevant result. The AI is adapted in such a way that they are ingrained with the knowledge to find the meaning of the phrase on continuous processing. Thus they consider a phrase as a word and provide the result accordingly.

#2: The sentence is as important as the keyword in the ranking process. If the two sentences is incurred with similar meaning, the results of both the queries will be similar. This is adapted to the AI through continuous search process.

#3: Above all the most important factor, the rank brain presumes and displays the results on the basis of single factor called the “user search”.  This type of algorithm update is purely user dependent.

Impact Of AI Machine Learning Over SEOs:

  • Rank brain is one of the Google algorithm update which uses machine learning process (AI). This deviates from other in the case that, the rest of the algorithms are done based on the mathematical calculations and remains static till the next update, but the rank brain is the self learning algorithm type, which constantly changes the position of the sites in the search engine based on the continuously acquiring results.
  • The rank obtained begins to change gradually due to the Google algorithm update. Among several hat color SEO process, the black hat SEO methodology don’t come up with the theory of the rank brain which then leads to sudden ranking drop.
  • The SEO should be done targeting the benefits of the humans, artificial intelligence will assign the ranking based on the number of human responses and process, it was then the machine learning updates itself to produce the accurate search ranking result.
  • the responsive websites is the recent trend of today, as the site is made vicinity without interruption in the all type of gadgets like mobile, laptop, tablet, etc… the recent updates have shown that the most responsive website are given the priority by the rank brain.
  • Semantic search is partially recognized as the artificial intelligence method, as the Google automatically displays the search phrase or the search query based on the user intent. This is displayed considering the location, language, concept and the words used.

Make The Site Adaptable To AI:

  • Hardly, search engine ranks the less quality and the spam content. Keeping the content fresh will drive more traffic to the site. Thus the engaging content has more impact on rank brain.
  • Keyword usage in the content to the limited extent is the evergreen likely factor in SEO process. The synonymic keywords are fed in to the content to make the site vicinity to the likewise keywords.
  • Internal linking is considered to be one of the seo standard practices. The link should be made targeting the word or the phrase. It is preferable to opt for the anchor text with the long phrase. The top level of the site should be linked the most with the similar phrase representing it.

This is the overall view of the artificial intelligence over the SEO process. This was implemented after undergoing series of study and experiments with the human updation and the machine learning. The rich source of accuracy is well revealed through the machine learning process. Such periodical machine updation and the theory behind it should be kept up to date for the successful result.

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in Google ranking and its role in SEO process

SEO is one of the digital marketing process which focus on the search results in the organic part. Search engine optimization is the continuous process and the phenomenon should be done considering...

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