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Different Types Of Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing comes under the digital marketing strategy which is done to expand the ubiquity of the website among the folks with the expectation of dragging more clients. As the name suggests email marketing is done with the assistance of email under several domains.

The good quality and attention grabbing contents are composed and distributed through email which brings the readers to the site if the content deserves the worth. Email marketing is of different types and they are listed in the beneath sections

  1. Newsletter Emails: This is kind of spreading brand awareness among the email subscribers. The newsletter is not confined to singe concept, they can employ as many concept in the single template with many graphics and designs. This kind of email will permit the customers to be aware of the company’s new services and offers. This newsletter emails are sent very frequently to keep the customer informed about the presence and role played by the organization in the specified field. Thus, for the email campaign to be successful, they ought to contain quality and significant substance. But this type of email focuses only on the excising customers rather than new customers.
  2. Transactional Emails: The transactional emails are exceptionally normal among the ecommerce locales and the banking sectors. This the mail which contains the insights about the activity done by the customer with the organization like buying certain products, hired for the services, money withdrawal and deposits and so forth. This type of email doesn’t need the mind blogging design template. The email consists of thanks giving note with the details about the transaction. In some cases, highlights about the similar products are also listed which tempts the viewers to click the product and view the complete specifications. The similar offer is also accompanied with them in some cases.
  3. Dedicated Emails: This type of mail is specifically called as the call to action mail which relies on single concept or product or services. This is purely commercial mail which is sent for the sake of advertising the product. The template creation is very easy, as the content comprises just the required data. The email lists are collected from the newsletter list of other sites and are utilized to send the message. Since only single concept is used, it is very easy to measure the progress of the company.
  4. Email Digest: This is the type of message which is sent to the subscribers based on the preference (i.e.) weekly, monthly or daily. This email consists of links and list of all the blogs and the contents posted on the location during the specific period. As this type of email is sent on the interest of the users, the chance of getting clicked to the relevant page is more. But there is few chance of spreading brand awareness through this email marketing.
  5. Press Release Emails: This press release does not cover the multiple emails, they concentrate on single core either the offers or the service and products of the company. This press release most often ingrained with the new invention of the company with deep, technical and understandable description about the service or the product, this would drive the interested users to visit the company.
  6. Invitation Emails: Inviting the customers to the site not the easy task, the advertisement posted should be attention grabbing. The excising customers can be informed about the new offers via the invitation email and this type is most expected by the folks during the festive occasion which increases the leads. The invitation emails are common among the e-commerce sites.
  7. Lead Rising Emails: This is the time consuming process, and to be specific this is the process of indirectly convincing the visitors by posting number of information about the products and the company. The changes and updating of the innovative products and the price comparisons are sent, else the engaging content with the product description is sent periodically which creates interest of the folks regarding the service, and thus they become customer to the company.
  8. Other Types: There are some other types of mails which are used in the marketing campaign which includes anniversary emails that was sent to enhance the personal relationship with the customers. Sponsorship mails, the contents through this mail are displayed in another company’s mail subscription.

Benefits Of Email Marketing To The Company:

  • All the interest users are known about the emails and at present they are very important like phone numbers and addresses. So, contents or any other stuff published via email marketing reaches the number of folks and the probability of reaching the interested people is more.
  • The email is the open source of communication and they are not under the control of third party so the companies find it easy way of communicating with the customers and share the posts and links.
  • The frequent mails sent to the existing customers makes them completely satisfied about their engagement to the company. Thus keeping them intact forever.
  • The email is expected to be with the people during the rest of the lives, thus email marketing will become evergreen marketing campaign in the near future and they are proved as the source of best ROI.

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