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Does Image Optimization Matters in SEO process? How it is done?

Hardly, most folks don’t consider the images as the part of the SEO process and they don’t even take time to enhance it. Image optimization is also the part of the SEO. For the blogs and the article marketing, image plays a major role, as they give aesthetic value to the contents. To be specific, they act as the core points in the SEO and in other digital marketing process. Other than effective SEO technique, they play a crucial role in attractive web design creation. The website with high quality images also serve as guiding factor for the SEO. Images are the asset of the pages since the attractive factor in them paves way for the searchers to look upon the site. Images ingrained elsewhere in the contents and in image search brings beneficial factor to the site. This image optimization also plays a crucial role in the search engine optimization process. Below paragraphs shows the apt justifications for the above contexts

Beneficial Factors Of Image Optimization For SEO:

  • There are familiar thoughts that image are the most attractive factor which grabs the attention of the users and tends. There are few images which are designed to outline the concept of the contents. The interested users will click on the sites and even shares them in social media which bring more traffic to the site. Image optimization also stimulus the marketing of attention grabbing contents.
  • The limited number of images is showcased on the first page of the Google search for most of the keywords, if the attention grabbing images are optimized and placed on the first position of the image search, the probability that the sites rank getting increased will also be more.
  • There is evolving trend, that folks reach the site through the image search which takes them to the relevant site. Few people find this act to be very easy process to reach the required content. Thus image optimization also benefits the users.

Best Practices Of Image Optimization:

  • Alt tags: the images in the SEO process should be paired up with the alt tag. This alt tag assignment will benefit the users in finding the image concept when the server unable to load the image. The bots used by the search engines cannot understand the image, the alt tells them about the image which then the ease the process of indexing. The alt tag should be descriptive about the stuffs in the image. While assigning the alt tag, care to avoid the keyword stuffing in Alt tag.

Eg: <img src= alt=web design/>

  • High definition images: image choosing plays the important role, however the image reveals a lot, the less quality images is of no use. Folks opt for high definition images through which the quality of the contents is predicted by the users, so it is wise to opt for the images with high definition.
  • Size of the image: the image’s size always matters for the site. If the image size is too big or too small, this creates discomfort to the users and this sometimes interrupts the mobile view of the site. The big size high quality image will also deepen the page loading speed which has huge impact on SEO process. Thus moderate sized images should be chosen with the pop-up option to make the image bigger.
  • Responsive images: according to the web design strategy responsive images implies that the image should be fitted in to all the type of gadgets, the images used in the design seldom distracts the perfect view, thus the images should be chosen to serve that purpose well.
  • File name and file type: the file name is just the name allotted by the users before uploading into the interest. File names are not given on purpose, the generic name and default file names are given and uploaded as such, and this doesn’t bring any impact. Have descriptive file name with limited keywords. Search engine drag the image to vicinity detecting the file name. File type is as important as the file name, most of the images revolve around these three file format (GIF, JPEG, PNG).

Eg: img src= alt=SEO SMO/>

  • Links to the image: the contextual marketing technique can seldom be implemented for the images. If the image reveals big data like info graphic image, flowcharts, etc… they can be optimized linking from the relevant anchor texts in the content.

These are the some of the image optimization practices followed as the present trend to achieve the better results. From the above paragraphs it was well revealed how much the image optimization matters for the search engine optimization process.

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praveen 10-Jun-2017 06:04:45 AM
Image optimization also plays a vital role in search engine optimization

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