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How PPC and SEO have been impacted by the right side ads

The PPC and SEO rely on search engine rankings  whereas the former is payable and later is unplayable Google has been increasing the frequency of it paid search listing and the right-hand side ads because it affects the organic search results as well as SEO. Due to this reasons the Google has made changes the displaying of ads at the top and bottom of the search result pages. Instead of having the most obvious adds on right hand side of the search result page, the goal was to get the first three positions because these would yield the highest click-through-rate which is on above of the organic search result page and The second best position to have your ads as an advertiser would be the right-hand side of the Google search engine results page (SERP). The not-so-good position would be at the bottom of the page below the organic search result. The maximum of eleven, reduced from eleven and the remaining will be spread across to next page.

Effect On Organic SEO

The addition number of ads on search result page affects the SEO process. The number of adds in the top result page pushes back the organic results down further down, on most desktop requiring the user to scroll down to reach the first result page .It also effects all the business from those you are optimizing the website to achieve search engine rankings. On eleven ads on top of the page makes the organic search to be pushed down so that the organic results are less likely to be clicked .SEO is the main loser on these ads before the changes has been done by the Google. The quality of the ads on top of the SERP will be likely to be much better for the user. The less content or no content on the right side of the SERP, the users will have to adapt to a more mobile-like or linear approach on desktop search. The removal of the right side ads is better experience for most search users.

Why Google Removes Sidebar Ads?

There are so many reasons that Google removed the sidebar ads because there is poor click through the sidebar ads and the users cant able to find the useful results. For regular users, the right hand space will be utilized for product listing ads as well as knowledge graph boxes. The continual pushing of organic listing will certainly be an issue for many folks. The removal of side bar ads is aids more for the organic space which leads to a bigger focus on SEO.

Effect On Paid Advertisers

There’s been a great deal of speculation on businesses advertisers and users alike, with many postulating that the top-of-the-page paid search is going to become even more intricate and costly. For paid search advertisers the change will certainly driven up average CPCs as the competition for the top slot increases. The biggest impact will be on advertisers, since binding for the available seven listing space will be highly competitive especially for the first four positions. The changes may also mean higher cost for advertisers when binding for these top positions. For advertisers seeking in the top four ad positions, may also be helpful for the return on investment is good enough even if the competition is much higher.

The right side ads makes much impact for organic search result and keep on pushing down the search result which affects many of the business folks even though the SEO has done effectively .The removal of side bar ads make much comfortable in the point of organic search results and increase their business popularity to all over the world. Even though the paid advertising are reduced from eleven to seven .The advertisers will get a quality clicks through paid advertising.

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